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8 Customer Reviews for “SherWeb Exchange Hosting”

  • Alyssa:

    Long ago we realized that their inconsistent service delivery would force us to leave, and we have just completed our migration out.

  • Tony Linder:

    Unbeliveably disappointing

  • WashingtonEtta18:

    We left them. Would not recommend.

  • Barbara Maynard:

    ” I recently migrated to SherWeb when they bought Dna mail. Simply put, I’ve been hardly able to work since the migration. First my email was down for a day, then once it was up, it was So incredibly slow that it’s nearly unusuable. I’ve timed the average to be 40 seconds to open and email and 60 seconds to toggle between email and calendar (in Outlook Exchange). Also, all tasks for the past two years, nearly all of which were deleted…thousands!…were brought back over as unfinished. This is a nightmare. And the customer service has been the worst I’ve ever seen. When I asked the rep what he could to to fix the task problem, he said “what do you want me to do about it?” I’m getting out of here as fast as I can find another provider (hopefully tonite). I warned them that I would write this but they didn’t seem to care. This Is The Worst Company I Have Ever Encountered!!! “

  • BeyondtheTech:

    The last month proved to be the last straw for my clients. They had downtimes for both their Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 setups that stretched intermittently across several days, effectively putting their customers at a dead standstill.

    All I saw were apologies and incompetence on their Twitter feed and their System Status page, and when I was able to get through to talk to them, they couldn’t give anyone an ETA, blaming it on Microsoft updates.

  • Snowflake's Mom:

    Sherweb has been our provider for 5 years. Their service is up and down. For the most part, it’s been OK. I love the fact that support is provided from Canada from knowledgeable technicians who know what they’re talking about and aren’t just reading a script (which is all you’ll get if you choose The support people are generally able to debug and fix fairly complex issues compared with other support departments I’ve dealt with.

    But they don’t seem to be all that good at debugging their own IP infrastructure when issues arise. They’ve had several outages in the past 2 weeks, and the explanations of what went wrong keep changing. Evidently, they don’t know what the problem is. I wonder if their engineers are maybe lacking some of the experience dealing with the cloud infrastructure in which they provide their service.

    They’re also pretty bad with Blackberry support. I had so many problems that I finally dumped the blackberry and got an iphone based on their recommendation that it was easier to support and debug.

  • Mike G:

    Invoices are a little squirly but beyond that it seems to work.

  • KD:

    Pretty good sales and support. Had many issues getting our Windows mobile connected, which should be a no brainer, you’d think.

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Founded in 1998, SherWeb is a privately-owned, Canadian-based company headquartered in Sherbrooke, Quebec. We deliver on-demand, Internet-based applications known as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our ever-expanding clientele spans more than 80 countries.

As leaders in the SaaS market, SherWeb specializes in providing the most competitive business-class email and collaboration solutions to businesses and partners all over the world. Thanks to this unique business model, we can offer a cost-effective alternative to bulky on-premise platforms. This means predictable per-user pricing and no upfront cost.

In fact, as we add over 2,500 users on our platform every month, we are being recognized as one of Microsoft’s fastest growing hosting partner both in Canada and in the United States.

Our expertise
A Microsoft Gold Partner and a BlackBerry Alliance Partner, SherWeb is recognized for its competence in the development, the implementation, and the support of Microsoft and BlackBerry technologies. Thanks to our knowledgeable team and unique administrative tools that allow for fast, easy, and intuitive deployment and management of our solutions, we can offer unmatched flexibility to our clients.

By choosing SherWeb, you eliminate the need to maintain and administer an internal infrastructure while expanding your capabilities, reducing your costs and enjoying a 99.99 percent network availability.

Our vision
SherWeb is committed to constantly develop superior hosting solutions, at the most competitive prices. Innovation is at the center of our global business strategy.

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